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It’s also the most important time of the year. The season is officially over. It’s time to celebrate and reflect on winter and winter’s impact on our lives.

We have all been caught up in December rush on Christmas shopping and Christmas buying. Its time to stop and reflect on our lives.

During Christmas shopping, someone might put a blanket on your head and make it look like a snowman. That kind of stuff seems to be the main thing that keeps you up at night.

What happens during the holiday season is important, but its especially important to stop and reflect on the things in our lives that really matter. That includes our own families and personal relationships. As a society, we have become so accustomed to instant gratification, that many of us can lose sight of what matters most. It is time to slow down, get quiet, and remember what matters.

My daughter has a very active life. She’s just barely gotten through her first week of school. We’ve taken her to the gym, where she’s learning how to run, and she’s taking her classes on bikes. She’s still doing that, but she’s learning that the daily routine of her day might not be the same for all of us. Those things we put in our lives are the key to surviving the winter.

Our daughter lives in a very small house with six of her eight siblings but has a very active social life. She would rather be outside, doing things that have nothing to do with school. Shes spent the last few days helping her family out with some of the chores and yard work. It is a very unusual way to be a child, and it shows in our daughter’s behavior.

At least for a few of us, being forced to do things we don’t like is part of the natural routine of winter. Our daughter is not one of those kids who has a life that is totally planned out. She has to figure things out for herself – like how to get the laundry done so the washer can get to work, or what to do with left overs from lunch.

Well, I guess it depends on the kid. Some kids do get into it and get a little crazy, but others seem to just be normal kids. It’s a mixed blessing when you get into the “normal” end of the normal spectrum. Sometimes kids just want to play with their phones or with their toys, but other times it’s a full-on meltdown.

This is one of those times. I have a good friend who is an adult daughter, and has a toddler daughter. On top of that, her new husband is a super-intense, totally-obsessed-with-the-phones kind of guy. My friend was pretty much in an emotional tailspin, and would have gone in any direction, except this kind of guy didn’t seem to like any of her friends.

It’s not uncommon for the parents of kids to have a lot of trouble with their kids. It’s a combination of things, but mostly it’s because they don’t love them enough. So they get upset over things like their daughter’s new boyfriend, or their son’s friends, or the fact that their kids are the new kid on the block.

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