I’m starting to think that maybe it’s time to rethink what it means when we say we will “pawg” (pawg being the word for a dog).

Well, if the word pawg is being used as a cat equivalent, that would mean that someone has been in a dog fight and got hit by a paw. Also, it is a very serious word. A paw means: a fist. The word pawg means: to paw.

Pawg sounds like a dog-fight word. But if you use it as a cat word, you mean to punch. A cat paw means to bite, and you use this word as a cat word to imply that someone was hit by a cat paw.

Also, maybe we should just stop using the word pawg to mean cat.

I don’t know. From what I’ve seen and heard, pawg being used as a cat word comes from the German word pawgi, which means a hand or a fist. So maybe it’s a hand fight. Also, pawg being used as a dog word is not the same. When you say pawg, you’re saying that someone is trying to punch you. A dog paw is a fist. It’s not a hand.

I think the term pawg is now a bit of a misnomer, but I guess I should mention that pawg is still a cat word (at least in Germany).

The pawg is also not the only meaning you can get from pawg. Another meaning is to say “paw,” but pawg is a much more general term. So technically, Pawg is a cat word, but it’s not a cat word.

Its not a cat word, but it is a cat word.

I don’t think the term pawg is very popular, though, so I guess its understandable the people who use it didn’t really think about it. I suppose pawg could be used for any dog word that means to hit someone. That is, pawg could mean to push a dog’s paw through someone’s face. But pawg isn’t a cat word. It’s a dog word.

I think pawg also has negative connotations. I think most people feel that it is a word that sounds offensive to the person using it. I just dont think it is very popular. This is because pawg is a cat word. It is a dog word meaning to hit someone with your paw. But pawg is not a cat word. Its a cat word, meaning to push your cat paw through the other person.

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