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jozy blows is a blog dedicated to helping people who are in the trenches, struggling with their own anxiety, depression, or fear of what others might think. I love helping people who share the same struggles.

I can’t deny that there are definitely times that I’ve felt overwhelmed with worry, fear, and anxiety during this time. It’s especially hard on those who have a chronic illness like my heart, and I don’t want to be the reason you worry about your health.

In Deathloop, you have to worry about all the things that you can do to keep your life interesting. We cant get rid of this anxiety or worry because we cant get rid of the anxiety, and its so much more difficult for us to say “I know you’re probably not able to do that, but I know I’m right”. This may sound harsh but I know I cant say “I know you can do that, but I’m not a strong person”.

I know you can do that, but I also know I know you can do that because I know I can do that. I know that I can do all that I can to keep my life interesting and even though I cant do it right now, I know I can do it because I have the ability to do it.

This is a point that can be backed up with science. We know that people who carry the most anxiety actually have the best ability to cope with it. It’s a feeling you can’t describe and you can’t control. But it’s also one of the things that most of us don’t think about, even when we feel anxious, but the more we think about it, the easier it becomes to control.

If you feel anxious, you are just as likely to use more medication or take antidepressants as you are to cut down on activities that stimulate your mind. But if you dont think about anxiety enough, it wont be so easy to control.

Anxiety is a really powerful emotion. You cant control it because you have no idea what it is you are making yourself do. It’s like the feeling you get when you see someone you know in a movie and you realize you know them. A lot of times, the act of seeing someone you know will trigger some sort of anxiety-in, so you start to think about it.

Many people use antidepressants like Prozac and SSRIs as a way of cutting down on the “activities that stimulate your mind.” Instead of going to the mall and buying new clothes and shoes, they can just go online to buy some books and movies. This is one version of self-awareness. A lot of people think that they need to be in control of their own thoughts and actions (and that’s okay, but not all the time).

The problem is when you want to be able to be in control of your thoughts and actions, you also don’t want to have to think too much. If you think too much then you’ll just snap out of it and you’ll end up thinking about something that was just a tiny part of your memory and you feel like you were going crazy.

The problem is when you’re not aware of your own mind, your thoughts and actions, and you dont have the opportunity to think too much to have a chance to think. That is the whole point of self-awareness.

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