gilf next door

I’ve lived next door to Gilf since college. I know her from the time Gilf was a student of mine. I love how the two of us are so different, yet so similar in our passions, thoughts, and actions.

Gilf is a girl who is a bit of an oddity. She’s pretty, and in my opinion is gorgeous in a way that I don’t often get to see. She’s always been a bit of a tomboy. She’s a bit of a tomboy in her own right, but I think the fact that she always wanted to play some competitive game of basketball (which was a huge part of her life) was a big deal.

She is one of those girls that I think everyone will find attractive, but not the type of girl who will go to the gym with me and put on some music and dance. Instead she prefers the quiet, private, and reserved way to play sports.

She’s quite the introvert and probably would be turned off by the hyper-masculine image of some men. And she’s not exactly someone to share a locker room with, especially when she’s got a cat and I’m not the type of guy I think she should share a locker room with.

gilf is a very different person than the stereotypical athlete girlfriend, and the only thing that makes her more alluring is the fact that she doesnt have to hide her sexuality. She is a girl who doesnt have to hide her sexuality, and Im fine with that. I mean thats why Im fine with her being with other guys on the football team, because there arent any guys in the football team who like her and Im fine with that too. Im just sayin.

So in short, gilf is an athlete girlfriend. But she doesnt have to hide it and in fact is fine with it. I mean I love it when we talk about sexual things when its clearly not a big deal for her. It makes her likable, I just dont want her to be a one dimensional girl. I think she should probably be more mature than she is now, and I dont want her to be a girl who hides her sexuality.

I don’t want to get too graphic though.

In the end, Im sure everyone knows the relationship between gilf and Im fine. Gilf is Im a friend, Im a girlfriend, Im a girlfriend. Im fine with that and Im sure Im fine with a lot of women and men. But it’s okay to just be yourself.

That does make me sad. I just want to be someone who can be herself without having to define, define, define. When you have a friend, you can be whoever you want, and when you have a girlfriend, you can be whatever you want. You can be like anyone. The problem is, there are so many people who feel the need to define themselves in order to be someone they want to be. I say that as someone who is not shy about being herself.

I think the best way to achieve that is to have a woman. In most situations where a woman is being around, she’s not shy. The problem is, the woman’s never been shy. Or she might be just shy. It’s a tough, tough issue to deal with. Most women feel the need to define themselves, and if they’re shy, they don’t have the ability to get out of it.

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